Do Bing SEO: Bing Powers 30% US Searches

Now Bing powers 30% of US search results. Webmasters must note the importance of Bing SEO for Bing is emerging as an important source of search engine traffic to site owners.

Hitwise reports that though Google accounted for 64.42 percent of all U.S. searches conducted in the four weeks ending April 2, 2011, Bing-powered search comprised 30.01 percent of searches!

So if you love Google Traffic and fight for Google Search engine rankings, you need to look at how much traffic you get for Bing. US traffic is an important traffic source, and if Bing powers 30% of that, you can no longer afford to ignore Bing search traffic for your site.
To enhance your Bing search results, the first thing webmasters need to do is sign into Bing Webmaster tools and submit your site – for better Bing SEO, submit sitemaps and see how Bing indexes your site and backlinks. If your site does not feature in Bing search results, submit your site to Bing.


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