3 Ways To Make More Money With Google Adsense

Along with AdWords, Google Adsense is the most used PPC program out there on the internet with the combination of Adsense and AdWords being around 95% of all of Google’s revenue. Millions of people use Adsense worldwide to make money from their website and blogs. However, most publishers could still make more money from Adsense and PPC if they knew a few ways they can optimise their publisher account for maximum clicks and a maximum CPC. Here are three ways any publisher of Google Adsense can make more money.

Bigger The Ads, The Better

Gaining clicks on adverts can be a difficult task at best. A variable that will directly affect the CTR of your adverts is its size. 

The smaller the advert, the less likely web users are going to see it meaning the less likely it is going to be clicked on. You see, a bigger advert has a few benefits:
  1. The web user is more likely to see and click it.
  2. The bigger something is on the webpage, the more important it is usually stereotyped as.
  3. A bigger advert will hold more text adverts from different advertisers. Therefore, if the web user doesn’t like the top text advert, there are a few below that s/he might want to click on.
In general, stick to big adverts when using Google Adsense. I have found along with many other publishers that the squarer the advert too, the higher the CTR.

Choose Placement Wisely

Again, where about on your webpage you choose the place your Adsense adverts will affect the click through rate they get. Although Google’s heat map for where to place adverts is quite useful, below are the areas publishers on the internet have found to be the best placement for Adsense adverts:
  1. Next to the header – This is usually a 468×60 advert. However, if your header image is pretty small or your header-wrapper is rather large, then you may find it better to use the space more efficiently with the 728×90 advert. Both times should be just image ads displayed.
  2. Just above the content – This is the best place for adverts because it is where reader’s will look the most when starting to read an article. For this, the 336×280 or 300×250 adverts are the perfect solution for this area. Both text and image adverts can be used here.
  3. Below the content advert – Again, this is another great place to put an advert. Like above content, both 336×280 or the 300×250 can be used here with text and image adverts being displayed.
Create a Adsense-Friendly Template

This is a must do. Most publishers feel that to make more money through Adsense, they need to change the way they use Adsense. However, a big factor that will affect the CTR inparticularly of your adverts is your website’s template. Making sure your template fits Adsense adverts into it is key to your success in PPC. Therefore, if your adverts do not look natural on your website, look to change the template. There are many websites out there that have Adsense-optimised templates that are free of charge to use: take advantage of this to maximise your Adsense earnings.

*About Author: Will Green, at the age of 16, created AskWillOnline.com by himself clocking in 30,000+ views a month and donating the earnings to Charities such as Dementia Research, Cancer Research and Teenage Cancer Trust. You can follow him @willGreeny.


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