How to Start a Blog Which Stays Active Even After 5 Years

Back in year 2006, a few reliable sources reported that more than 150,000 thousand new blogs were created on daily basis. This comes out to about 2 blogs in every second or approximately one-fifth of the number of new babies born everyday.
You would wonder, after five years, what happens to this plethora of blogs? Yes, like you, I am wondering how many of them survive.
Nonetheless, it won’t take an Einstein to figure out the possibilities. They are either; alive and kicking (and have grown into a reputable blogs with large followers); barely active (with one update every six months or so); alive but in dormant mode (no updates at all); or completely extinct.
This leads to the next perennial questions: How can one start a blog and continues blogging even after half a decade has gone by? What’s the secret to blog longevity? How do you sustain the momentum of ploughing through the highs and lows of the world of blogging?
Perhaps the following three ideas can help shed some light into solving the puzzle.

Passion first, money later

I think we have heard this too often. But then, many conveniently ignored this advice and instead chase primarily for the latter. With money in mind, some went to conceive blogs based on the so-called high-paying keywords such as “Chicago attorney” and “mesothelioma” despite absence of any decent interest and knowledge about the said topics.
Extremely successful bloggers like Darren Rowse started blogging about topic he is most passionate about: photography. The web was never commercialized until he came into realization that the traffic generated from his blogging was more than enough to create a considerable income. He next moved to another niche, which is to blog about blogging. More income ensued.
So, find your passion first. Soon, money will follow.

Create close and ever-lasting access to your niche

You are what you (read, watch, etc.). What comes out of our mouth or fingers are the result of our exposure to world. Without the appropriate inputs, the outputs are destined for disaster. Every one knows that these days, knowledge is power.
It is always wise to blog about something we consistently have access for updates on the latest happenings. For example, a discerning fitness blogger keeps stacks of Men’s Health magazines, subscribes to fitness web updates, renews his gym membership yearly and tries out new whey powder brands so that he or she is ever ready to share newly-acquired knowledge.

Be ambitious, but play it smart

Starting a blog about BMW sports cars is probably a smarter move than blogging about cars in general. It tells that we are ambitious yet focused in our own niche. The power of “small” should never be underestimated.
The best-selling book, The Millionaire Next Door tells us the importance of zeroing into our own niche. About half of the self-made millionaires studied by the author are in very small business niches. They have smaller size of prospect, but the bulls-eye targeting helps create non-stop revenues.
Zooming into a specific area gives us the ammunition to blog what really matters, and when it matters. This in turns cultivate quality blogging principle.
Also, that way, we are not pressured into blogging just about anything from the daily overwhelming updates on a certain general field. And we know what happens when we can’t handle too much thing. We stay out of it.
So, next time you are starting a blog that would last for many years, do seriously consider the above points.
About the author: Zul has been actively blogging since 2005 and is the founder of SKOR Career, an Asia-based career news and development blog.


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