6 free SEO friendly blogger templates

It’s overwhelming when you have to select from thousands of free blogger templates. They come in all sizes and shapes. SEO friendly. SEO unfriendly, three column, two column, column less and what not?
One mistake most of the new bloggers commit is to pick up a fancy template. It’s appealing, bright, full of colors and there’s that large background picture of your favorite movie star. For a human eye – it’s appealing.But one important factor was missed there – how would it affect you in the long run? And how good is the template for search engines? (OK that makes it two questions.)
It’s very important to ensure that your template(fancy or not) is Search Engine friendly.And with all the junk templates available on a simple google search, it’s easy for a newbie to pick up a bad template.
If you’re looking for SEO friendly WordPress themes (which are far more SEO optimized),check this collection.
Here’s a list of top SEO friendly templates for blogger. They were all tested for SE friendliness, Cross browser compatibilities and general appeal.


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How to Ping Your Sitemap to Google ?

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