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I love rankings, what can I say. After I published the “Top 25 Blogs About Blogging” list I thought that someone would replicate it for the SEO sphere. But no one did, so here we go again.

This list was made using pretty much the same algorithm (only small modifications were made, mainly due to the fact that SEO blogs are more popular). Once again the list should be useful because it is based on objective factors. There are many “Top SEO Blogs” lists around the web, but most of them are based on the preferences of the author.
The Top 25 SEO Blogs list, instead, ranks the blogs according to their Google Pagerank, Alexa rank, number of Bloglines subscribers and Technorati authority. Each factor has a score from 0 to 10, and the maximum score for each blog is 40. Details about the algorithm can be found below the table.
#1Search Engine Land71091036
#3SEO Moz510101035
#4Matt Cutts71081035
#5Search Engine Watch71010734
#6Search Engine Roundtable7108833
#7Search Engine Journal789832
#8Online Marketing Blog6771030
#9Pronet Advertising7751029
#10Marketing Pilgrim786829
#11SEO Chat6104626
#12Search Engine Guide784625
#13SEO Blackhat686525
#15Graywolf’s SEO674724
#16SEO by the SEA645520
#17Link Building Blog555419
#18Jim Boykin564419
#21Bruce Clay573318
#22Blue Hat SEO463417
#23Tropical SEO553417
#24SEO Refugee561315
#25Small Business SEM543315

Blogs considered: the list considers only blogs that have a high percentage of SEO-related content. Topics might range from SEO news coverage to general SEO discussion and link building.
Google Pagerank (0 to 10): the actual Pagerank was used on the algorithm.
Alexa Rank (0 to 10): Ranges were determined based on the Alexa Rank (i.e., 100k and up, 80k-100k, 60k-80k, 40k-60k) and each range was assigned a number (1 to 10).
Bloglines Subscribers (0 to 10): Subscriber ranges were determined (i.e., 1-50, 50-100, 100-150, 150-300) and each range was assigned a number (1 to 10).
Technorati Authority (0 to 10): Ranges were determined based on Technorati’s Authority rank (i.e., 1-125, 125-250, 500-750,750-1000) and each range was assigned a number (1 to 10).


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