In the business world that doesn't involve coding, link building, programming, designing, writing for the Internet or one of the many other jobs that can be done with an Internet connection and a decent computer - all these jobs are grouped into one type of position. People with jobs like these are known to outsiders as the "computer people" and many of them think that all of them pretty much do the same things - which can be summed up for the most part as designing websites.

Although all of us that partake in these types of jobs know that this is not at all the case, there should bea little bit of truth to that claim, as every person involved in SEO should be at least a little bit involved inprogramming - and every programmer (well not every single type of programmer actually) should be at least a familiar with SEO.

Why "SEO's" Should Know a Little bit of Coding/Programming

First of all as an SEO you should know that coding and programming isn’t at all the same thing. There are some very advanced types of programming that you will probably never have the time in your life to learn - and that does not include the basic types of coding like HTML and CSS, although these are two great places to start.

One of the main reasons you should learn about CSS and HTML (and even JavaScript) is that having the best formatting within your coding can tremendously help your SEO. Just like browsers, Google is "likes" light weight coding and its spiders can crawl and read it a lot faster, thus allowing you to get indexed much quicker.

Another reason an SEO should learn a little bit of programming is that it will give you new ideas on how to attack old problems. It will help you learn what you are wasting your time on, what can be automated, and help you to solve your problem on an exponential platform. You don't have to become an expert in the field of programming, but just doing a little bit of dabbling in it will help you get a better idea of sorts of thingsthat can be done that you didn't even think were possible. In fact just a simple conversation with aprogrammer and seeing what he has to say or what he can do for you will help with that.

Why Programmers Should Learn SEO

Whether you are a web site designer or a hardcore programmer - you should know one thing. There is a lot of money involved in the world of SEO. And since SEO is very much related to what you will be able to do on the computer - designing programs around SEO tactics, needs, services, and even companies. As a freelancing programmer, the world of SEO, link building, and content writing can really give you some great ideas. In fact some SEO businesses are found on great programs that allow SEO's to automate a lot of the tedious work that comes with Internet marketing.

Of course another reason one should learn SEO because owning a website is the best way to market what you are trying to sell. And the best way to market you website is by learning about SEO. Even learning the basics is essential for hiring a company to do all your SEO for you - otherwise you may up over paying for services that may never even pan out.

Being a web developer or programmer with an SEO background, or specializing in Internet marketing witha little bit of a computer science background is a very impressive resume - and many companies (even ones that do not have to do with he Internet) love seeing that type of combination. Being able to have your mind at least somewhat wrapped around both concepts will open many doors for you - whether you are working for a corporation or starting your own business.

About Author

This article was written by Anthony Benedict. Anthony helps to run and maintain inetzeal.com.inetzeal.com is an Internet marketing company that provides many services - including an ever popular white label link building service.



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