Off-line Optimization Guide to Promote your blog

You need traffic and you are done with On Site optimization of your Blog. But you are not done yet. You also need to Optimize your blog Off-line and Promote it correctly. Without promotion no-one will never find out that you have a great blog with great articles and writings in it.
Let's start with a brief description on Optimizing your blog off-line and Promoting your blog.

Submitting Your Blog to Directories

Directories are great way for promoting and generating traffic. So get listed in as many as possible. Some of the great directories that you can submit your blog or site are Technorati, DMOZ, Blogcatalog, etc.

Participating in Social Networks

Find forums and start participating under the niche that are relevant to your blog and start by opening new threads that people may find interesting or by helping others for those who needs help but don’t SPAM or you will be banned. Don’t forget to update your signature with link to your blog or site. Use Twitter, Digg, Facebook, Delicious, StumbleUpon, etc. and post about things that readers will like and the will make their way to your blog or site. This is what we know as Off-line Optimization.

To Have Something Newsworthy

Do you have something that’s newsworthy? Then why are you just blogging about it. Submit it to Ezine articles, Article Base, Go Articles, then blog about it, twitter about it, ping you blog, do whatever it’s needed to promote it. If you are doing it the right way then you will have at some new links to your site, and if it’s really in right track then you could have dozens of new links.

Try some Advertisement and Press Release

This is the part which may not be free of cost. Target some high ranking blogs or sites and ask site owner if he would like to put an advertisement of your blog on their site. If it’s yes then they would also tell you the amount of money that he will charge and will also tell you whether it would be a banner, image with link or just simple hyper-link. Alternatively you can also try press release. There are many free services out there. Now you have an idea about Off-line Optimization, let's start with it and see the increase in traffic by Promoting your blog.


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