The Two Biggest Guest Blogging Mistakes You Can Make

I receive around 20 guest post submissions per week. Usually I let them pile up and once a month I go through all of them, replying to the ones I think would be a good fit for the blog.
There are two types of submissions I discard right away, though, without even taking a look. I also consider those the two biggest mistakes you can make while trying to guest post on some blog. They are:

1. Not including the name of the blog owner

If by opening your email I see something like “Dear Sir” or “Dear Blog Owner” I’ll send it to the trash bin immediately. Why? because it tells me that this is a generic guest post offer, and that you probably sent the same post to dozens of other blogs.
The least you can do is to visit the site where you want to guest post and to discover the name of the owner.

2. Not including the post itself

Many of the guest post emails I receive are only asking if I would be interested in having a guest post written. Something like this:
Dear Daniel,
I have been your blog for a long time, and I was wondering if you would be interested in having me to write a guest post for you. I was thinking to write something about Facebook marketing or email marketing.
Please let me know and we’ll get moving.
John Doe
My thoughts when I see such emails: “How on earth can I know if I would be interested in having your guest post if I don’t know how you write or what ideas you have?”.
Sometimes the person will include the title of the guest post. Same deal. How can I approve or reject a guest post just by looking at the title?
Sure, I could reply explaining this to the person, but why waste my time?


1 Respones to "The Two Biggest Guest Blogging Mistakes You Can Make"

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August 29, 2012 at 8:07 PM



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