Google Changed Its Search Algorithm Again

First of all keep in mind that when we talk about “changes in Google’s algorithm” we are talking about big ones, like the latest Panda update. Small changes are implemented almost daily and you never notice them.
So over the past weeks Google rolled out a new algorithm change. According to Danny Sullivan from Search Engine Land the main aspects affecting search rankings are:
Better “Official” Page Detection & Boosting: This means that official pages will now be detected more effectively and will also show up higher in search queries. For example, it will not be pretty much impossible to outrank an official brand with an affiliate website (in this past this could happen).
Image Search Loses A Ranking Signal: The ranking signal are references from different pages around the web. So even if multiple websites link to a certain image this won’t push its rankings up.
Fresher Results: Newer content will be pushed up no. Google said this change will affect around 35% of the search queries (which is quite a lot compared to previous algorithm changes).
Check the full article on Search Engine Land if you want to check all the changes. There were some design-related ones as well (e.g., related to snippets and page titles).


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