Use hyperlink tags as a right way for seo

Hyperlinks is the core of internet, then if you use them as a right way, they will help you improving your blog SEO very fast.

Structure of a hyperlink tag is as below:
<a href="" rel="follow" target="_blank" title="Title of the link">Link content</a>
  • href: this attribute contain the URL of the page that the link is targeting. Remember: shorter is better.
  • rel: this attribute show the relation ship between the current page with the target page. If the target is a label page, please use rel="tag". You can also userel="nofollow" if you don't like Search Engine Bot jumping to index the target page. Use this right will help Search Engine navigate your blog easy and help to your blog SEO. Read more about rel attribute.
  • target: I usually use target="_blank" when the target page is not same domain with my blog. This will help your reader can open a new link but still not leave your blog.
  • title: this attribute is really important in SEO tips. I usually input it as the title of the target page.
  • Link content: this is what the thing will show for readers to click. Remember: text is better than anything (like: image, button, ...). And this is the most important attribute in SEO tips for a link, it must tell exactly the target page content as summary.

Best practices:
  • Choose words for link content: use simple words to make an easy understand sentence. PLEASE AVOID:
  1. Use some sentences like: "click here", "read me", "click this text", .v.v..
  2. Use some abbreviations or some sentences that's difficult to understand or not relate with the target page content.
  3. Use URL for link content. Example, if you link to"" and you also use "" in link content.
  • Do not write too long: write a paragraph in link content is a bad idea.
  • Need make your link different style with normal content: This will help your readers know where are links, where are text, and they will not miss the links or not click as an accident.
  • Do not spam. Add too many keywords in your link content or use too many links in a post is also a bad SEO experience. May be Google can also kick your blog out of search result if you spammed like this.
Dear my readers, have a nice day with SEO!


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