Watermark With RB Fried Custom Blog Design

Here’s another magnificent custom blog design using the Watermark template. I could say that this custom blog design is astonishing and worth giving a try. Below are the features that this custom blog design has:

  • Attractive and cute Unkempt font style
  • Blended colors of texts
  • Highlighted and attracting link colors
  • Amazing abstract image design by RB Fried
  • Transparent body background
  • Well blended image background and font colors

This custom blog design is ideal for any blog topics. However, this would be more appropriate for those blogs with unserious topics because of the attitude that this custom blog design has. For the image background of this template, RB fried’s art is used. And it’s really attractive. The design is like signals lights in the sky and has white color in the edge of the each signal light.

For the link colors on this blogspot theme, light green color is used to highlight the links which the readers might want to read. This color is very eye catching to readers because it is so light. And when you hover your mouse in it, it’ll turn to blue green like color to tell your reader that he is about to open that link.

The transparent body background is in this blogspot theme. This body background is automatically used when you use the Watermark template. You don’t need to edit anything to have this transparent body background. This kind of body background gives this blogspot theme an aero effect. And it’s really good to see. This transparent body background also automatically fits the color of the background image that you use. For this blogspot theme, it automatically adjusts its color to light blue color to blend with the background image.

The page text on this blogspot theme is on the default black color to give power to the text. If you use light colors or any suggested color in this blogspot theme, the color would be weak and it’ll be hard to read. Black color would be enough for this customized template.

How to use this custom blog design into your blog?
If you want to use this customized blogspot template into your blog, just follow these steps:
Use the Watermark template – go to the template section and find the Watermark template. There will be four options if you want to choose Watermark. Choose the first one with light brown color.

Edit your blog using the template designer – editing will be mostly done here. First, when you’re already in the template designer, go to the background tab. On the background image choose the abtract art of RB fried which was defined in top of this post.

Use the UNKEMPT font style and pick the right text colors for your blog – use the color codes below on editing font colors for this custom blog design:

  • #0091ed - title color
  • #97e500 - description color
  • #90ed00 - link color, visited color 
  • #44baa8 - hover color
  • #000000 - page text color
  • #56ba44 - date header
  • #54c0a0 - gadgets title color
  • #baa744 - gadgets alternate color

That’s all the color codes that you have to use if you want to use this custom blog design. Feel free to change anything that you don’t like. For the page text size of this custom blog design, use 16px to make it bigger and readable.
By Rocky Lemuel Garcia


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